In Clarity PPM 15.8, Pre-15.8 or Initial layout is not saved in view


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  • The ability to save the layout such as the Timeline, Board or Grid in a view is introduced in release 15.8.
  • The application recognizes a change in the layout when the user switches between other layouts.  
  • However, there is a use case that was found where the layout is not saved when a user does not switch between other layouts on an initial or pre-existing view.
  • A user navigating to a page with an initial OOTB layout makes changes on that initial layout without going to another layout - the layout is not getting saved.  
  • This could happen on pre-existing views saved in a pre-15.8 release as well because these views do not have a layout already saved.  

1. Log in as a user that has not visited the page such as the Projects list 

2. The user lands on the Board layout as this is the default layout for the OOTB standard view 

3. The user stays only on the Board layout and makes a change to the COLOR BY so now they see the 'Unsaved' tag 

4. The user SAVES the view with the name 'Board View 1' 

5. The user goes to the Grid Layout and sees the unsaved tag, they make changes to the configuration of the grid and saves the changes in a view named 'Grid View' 

6. The user picks the 'Board View 1' to view 

Expected Results: To go to the Board layout.  

Actual  Results: The user remains on the Grid layout.  


Caused by: DE53586


Clarity PPM 15.8


This issue is currently under review:

Workaround: Switching between layouts will solve the issue when making an update to the saved view or creating a new saved view. 

Example: Navigate from the Grid to the Board, the application will recognize it as a configuration change and thus will now save the layout in the view settings. 

1. Because the selection of the 'Board View 1' made the user stay on the Grid - From the Grid, navigate back to the Board 

2. You should see the 'unsaved' tag 

3. You can then resave the 'Board View 1' 

4. Now if you pick another view that moves the navigation off the Board, and you pick the 'Board View 1' you will end up on the board as expected.