When displaying a dump captured by Symdump CICS is there any way to secure certain parts of the dump using a security package?


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CA SymDump for CICS


When displaying a dump in SymDump For CICS, is there any way to lock down the display of "CICS System Areas" so it is only available to certain users?

In other words, we would like all users to have authority to display dumps (SYMD transaction is open to all users in the External Security Manager), but only privileged users to be able to display the "CICS System Areas" of the dumps.




Unfortunately there is currently no security option in Symdump CICS to restrict users from displaying the dump section labeled  

+ CICS system areas      CSA, CWA, OPFL, TCT... 

In Symdump CICS release 11 the development team enhanced Symdump CICS to have the ability to secure the LAST SCREEN CAPTURE section. The concern was the last screen image could contain formatted information that violated privacy laws. 

BQLSCRN lets the user select the Last Screen display from the Dump Tree.   

 _   |-Last screen          Last 3270 screen image sent to the terminal   

The Symdump CICS  security options are outlined in the release 11 documentation. Please review topic Configure Symdump for CICS Security.