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Adjusted hours are not moving to WIP


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When a resource in adjusting Timesheet and removing the hours entered on project A and charging hours on project B, we see that the negative hours i.e. the hours removed on project A are not moving to WIP in few cases. The hours changed on new project B are moving but the hours removed from project A are not showing up in WIP. Please help us correct these hours and to identify all the records with this kind of problem.


Release : 15.6



Below are the queries you can run to identify impacted entries.

Note: You can just run the select part without the create table part to see the differences. However this has no dates around it.

Please reach out to Broadcom support for assistance in fixing those impacted

Query 1:
create table inv_time_wip as
select investmentid,

(select sum(e.practsum/3600)
from prtimesheet pt, prtimeentry e, prassignment a, prtask t
where e.prassignmentid = a.prid
and a.prtaskid = t.prid and t.prprojectid =
and pt.prid = e.prtimesheetid and pt.prstatus = 4 and e.prrmexported = 1) timeentry,

(select sum(quantity) from ppa_wip where investment_id = and sourcemodule = 51) wip

from pac_mnt_projects pm, inv_investments inv where pm.departcode is not null and =
and pm.status = 'O' and inv.track_mode = 2 and inv.is_open_for_te = 1;

-- Not needing the ones where both timeentry and wip values are null.

Query 2:

select * from inv_time_wip where timeentry is not null and wip is not null