CA View - RC=16 in SARTCHK
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CA View - RC=16 in SARTCHK


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Due to a View system migration, the client had uncataloged some View tape DSNs that were not moving to the new location.
They verified the tapes were either from being "INDEX ONLY" or "NO USED GROUPS", from reviewing SARTSLST output. 

On the receiving side, there were some jobs that ran into problems with receiving a RC=16 in program SARTCHK.

What could be done, to have View think that it owned those tapes on the receiving side?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


As the client's tapes in question were either kept for "INDEX ONLY" or for "NO USED GROUPS", and being created less than 5 days earlier, they were instructed to uncatalog the tapes on their sending side.

On the receiving side, the client recreated those tape DSNs, on VTS, with nominal content, and the SARTCHK ran with no problems, as the tape DSNs in question were in fact cataloged.

On a View backup run either on 3/1/20 or 3/2/20, the tapes in question will be expired.