How to fetch complete configuration done for all robots


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We want to fetch details of monitoring being done for all servers in a file. Is there a query, API or some other method through which we can get details of parameters being monitored for every robot along with the threshold values in a single file?


- check consistency of monitoring/report on monitoring configurations


Release : 99.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT


This is not a feature nor fully supported out of the box in UIM/DX IM, i.e., a way to check or generate a report that displays all of the the monitoring configurations, e.g., parameters and values, as well as threshold settings for all robots/probes.

Most customers/partners/UIM admins will use a LUA script, create a custom probe like the 'probe of things' or make a post to the community to see if anyone else has ideas or has already a script that can be reused for this purpose.

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