CCS 15.0 upgrade Initialization error


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Recently upgraded CA Common services from version 14.1 to 15.0 dynamically without an IPL.

When starting CAS9, experienced a S378-1C abend.

The abend may be witnessed as an initialization error for CAIMB838 or an abend in LMOD CAILPAM


Backleveled copy of CAIPLAM loaded into common storage prior to the execution of CAS9 (CAIRIM) at the new release level.

It is documented that the currently executing 14.1 environment be current with maintenance.



Release : 15.0

Component : CAIRIM - Resource Initialization Manager


If subsequent restart of CAS9 fails or other abends are witnessed, IPL the system to implement the new release.

Additional Information

Upgrade to CA Common Services for z/OS 15.0 Without an IPL