Clarity PPM 15.7 On Premise systems in a Kubernetes Cluster


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are currently running a few Clarity PPM 15.7 systems in a Kubernetes Cluster within the Azure Public Cloud. Since Multicast is disabled in most cloud scenarios, we're using JDBC Ping for service synchronization. At some points we experience problems which seem to be related to app caching. It seems that the caches are not synced at all times. Do you know of any behaviors in which the caches are not refreshed while using distributed services and JDBC Ping?


Clarity PPM 15.7 On Premise


- Clarity 15.7 hasn't been certified in container (using Kubernetes). At the moment there is not a plan in place to certify Clarity On Premise using Kubernetes so unfortunately we don't have the documentation or troubleshooting steps for sharing until they are certified by Engineering team.
- For Broadcom Clarity PPM Saas customers there are changes coming to the service as far as Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform and there are lot of additional components to be deployed when Clarity is deployed in pods.
- For On Premise customers please check with CA Broadcom Support on this topic in the near future as there may be something in PPM 15.8.1 for Clarity On Premise.

Additional Information

For on Premise customers please refer to Techdocs for more information.

- JDBC Ping: CSA: Configure JDBC Ping As An Alternative to Multicast (On-Premise Only)

- Steps to test and ensure JDBC ping is working correctly in multi-application environment: Clarity PPM: Testing for Active Nodes in the Cluster