Spectrum Topology Store Integration Errors with "You must enter a valid Topology Store Server"


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CA Spectrum APM


We are trying to integrate / configure Topology store for DX OI APM integration but it fails with an error.

SPC-OCA-10610: Input Error: SPC-OC-10608: You must enter a valid Topology Store Server


The apm/appmap/private/health API was deprecated in DX OI


Release : 10.2.3

Component : Spectrum Applications


For Spectrum 10.2.3 - the changes were ported back from 10.3.2 patch Spectrum_10.03.02.PTF_10.3.232b and put into patch Spectrum_10.02.03.D535

Please make sure you have installed 10.2.3 BMP #1 and open a case with Broadcom support to request patch Spectrum_10.02.03.D535

DE449188 Details:
   20314332 - BCBS - Spectrum Topology integration unrecognized_name
  (DE449188, 20314332)

For Spectrum 10.3.2:
Open a case with Broadcom support to request patch Spectrum_10.03.02.PTF_10.3.232b.  This patch is supported on 10.3.2 with no BMP installed.  If you need this patch and have a BMP installed, please open a new case with Broadcom support to request the patch be rebuilt on top of the BMP.

Symptom : Spectrum - NG-TAS Integration enhancements. 
         Device Interfaces are sent to TAS as attribute list instead of Vertices.
         Device to device connectivity and connected ports are sent.
         Global Collections are sent as array list
         TTL values are sent as integers
         keystorePass is read from tomcat\conf\server.xml
         edges format is corrected to inject data properly in to latest TAS

This is resolved in Spectrum 10.4.0 and higher.