ACF2 took an SVC dump, Title is CA-CCI API SEND ERROR


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ACF2 took a dump with a dump title of CA-CCI API SEND ERROR.  What is needed for this?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


The most common problem is the CCI Logger databases is fragmented.  A REORG will clear this up.  It is best to do this on a regular basis, maybe even daily.  Changing the Logger parm to a Y will REORG the database every time it is restarted.

  • reorg
    Y or N. If Y is specified, LOGGER reorganizes the VSAM database at CCILGR startup.
    : N
Example (console)
CCI LOGGER(25,23,12,Y)

If this is a regular process, then you may have another problem.  Check your z/OS LOGREC file for hardware errors.  If nothing hits there, send the dump in to Common Services support for review.

Additional Information

For more information on CCI Logger parameters, go to the Common Services documentation on the Broadcom portal, ( and review the section LOGGER(strings,buffer1,buffer2,reorg)