CA Dispatch - DSEXOVX Migrated the OV-AREA and IX-OV-AREA Only, and the Job Failed With ABENDU0971


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CA Dispatch Output Mgmt


The client increased the OV area of their Dispatch environment, from 26000 blocks to 40000 blocks 

The first time, they ran the job with the wrong parameter:

 . IX BLOCK 10000

 . BLOCK = 20000

 . Total Blocks = 400000

They changed the IX and Total Blocks, but missed the change in the BLOCK Count to 30000 .

The job ran fine, a new OV file was created, but they noticed an error when they tried to rerun the job, with the higher count, and the Job ended with ABENDU0971


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


The client was asked to do the following:

. Rename the database back to the old production names.
. Run the DSEXDBEX.
. Run the migrate again to change it.

Note: You cannot run the migrate 2 times in a row, without running the DSEXDBEX.