Client Automation - Delay in camping due to apipa address
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Client Automation - Delay in camping due to apipa address


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camping to a scalability server or Domain Manager has bad response time or fails with timeout.
There are sometimes delay of more than 6 seconds

Example :


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This problem could have multiple cause (cam is overloaded, network congestion etc...)

But one possible cause is if there are these 2 following conditions :

- In file %CAI_MSQ%\cam.cfg on scalability server (or Domain Manager) there are this line :

disable_proxies = yes

- In output of command "camstat -n" on scalability server/Domain Server there are some APIPA address (private IP address with range to

Example :

Host                  proto state  port  Qlen  m/sent  m/recv  retry  disc  RTO
--------------------- ----- ----- ----- ----- ------- ------- ------ ----- ----         udp   ---  4104     0       0       0      4     1    1          udp   ---  4104     0       0       0      4     1    1

Some machines are using the APIPA address for communication with its scalability Server. As disable_proxies is set to YES, Scalability Server does not used the correct IP Address and communicate with Agent using its APIPA address. And this does not work as it is a private IP Address.

This is causing a delay of 3 seconds in cam.

Example :

08:39:36.413  send_message(): Seq 12077086, XX, from Vxxxxx/U-CAF, to, len 4962, data >...<, created 34613, life 0, notify: yes, flags: 1, src 10.x.y.z, dst
08:39:39.397  set_next_udp_queue() called

cam hangs during 3 seconds trying to send a message to APIPA address. This is causing delay in the sending of CAM messages to others Agents


2 possible solutions :

- Remove "disable_proxies = yes" line in %CAI_MSQ%\cam.cfg on scalability server/Domain Manager

1- Edit file %CAI_MSQ%\cam.cfg and remove the line

disable_proxies = yes

2- Restart caf and cam

caf stop
caf start

Or (if remove of disable_proxies = yes is not a valid solution) :

- Disable APIPA on Windows machines.

This could be done do this by adding a DWORD parameter in registry :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\IPAutoconfigurationEnabled = 0

See this for example :

It is possible to do this via an AM Job (scheduled to run only once) of type command containing a command like :
reg ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters" /v IPAutoconfigurationEnabled /d 0 /f /t REG_DWORD