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During CA Fast Load execution within Post Install process the load fails with message PUT6031E Attempting to Obtain Page.


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Executing CA Fast Load during a Post Install process which returns the following error messages:

 PUT6031E - Attempting to obtain Page X'00000000' during insert       
    process for index PTI.PTPA_IX_RU2RE_1200. RID X'00012203' 
 PUT9800E - Index INSERT failed with Return Code: 08
    Index Name: PTI.PTPA_IX_RU2RE_1200
 PFL0008E - SORT Processing cancelled - Check SORTMSGS for problem


Site had PFL-REBUILD-INDEX set to (NO) in highlvl.CDBAPARM member UTIL. Recommended site modify this to YES and startup access force the tablespace and indexspace, if the table is empty. Delete the restart row and restart from the top. Otherwise must first recover the tablespace and then restart the job.

PFL-REBUILD-INDEX (YES) is recommended for specification in the UTIL member of highlvl.CDBAPARM.


Component: ENDBAS