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When attempting to access the NFA web page you are redirected to a blank page.


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA) CA Infrastructure Performance



When attempting to login to NFA you are redicted to a blank page.

The URL that you will be redirected to will look like below, notice that "windows-authentication" is in the URL:


This can happen if you have NFA linked to NPC and the SSO setting in NPC have Windows Authentication enabled.

NFA uses a new SSO module which does not support Windows Authentication.


There are two ways you can fix this:

Option 1 - Disable it in NPC and allow the settings to sync down to NFA:

  1. If you are not actually using Windows Authentication, you can RDP to the NPC server and launch the "Single Sign-On Configuration Tool" on the desktop of the NPC server.

  2. In the "Windows Authentication" tab, click on the link for "Enabled" and set it to "Disabled"

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  3. Then perform a full resync of the NFA data source in NPC by going to Admin->Data Sources and clikcing Resync for the NFA data source.

Option 2 - The other option would be to manually update it in the database on the NFA side.

  1. RDP to the NFA console.

  2. Open a command prompt and login to mysql with:

    mysql -P3308 reporter

  3. Then run the command below to override the setting in the NFA database.

    replace into performance_center_properties (PropName,Priority,PropValue) values ('WindowsAuthenticationEnabled','2', 'false');

  4. Then attempt to login again in a new browser window and you should be able to get to the logon screen.


Release: RAIB1H99000-9.1-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware


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