Which parameter do you set in the ACF2 logonid to log you off TSO if the session sits idle for a xx period of time?


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ACF2 logonids have the TSOTIME parameter which controls the number of CPU minutes associated with a TSO session however that is different from TSO idle time.:


Indicates a user's default TSO time parameter, which is the CPU time limit (in minutes) associated with the TSO session. The maximum value is 1440. Zero indicates no default TSO time parameter was specified. (Two-byte binary field)


The ACF2 logonid TSOTIME does not force a logoff for TSO idle timeouts. That is controlled by the JWT parm in the SMFPRMxx member of SYS1.PARMLIB. The ACF2 TSOTIME is the maximum execution time. It is the value that is put on the TIME= option of the TSO user's JOB card when his TSO address space initiates. The TSOTIME represents the maximum CPU minutes a job can use.

JWT (hhmm) specifies the maximum amount of time that a job or TSO/E user address space is allowed to wait continuously, where hh is the amount of real time in hh hours and mm is in minutes. If the specified time limit expires, the system passes control to the SMF time limit exit, IEFUTL (if active). IEFUTL either extends the wait time or allows the system to end the job or TSO/E user address space abnormally.

Note the TSOTIME (TIME= option of TSO user's JOB card) is related to the JWT time if TIME=1440 is coded on the JOB or EXEC JCL statement, IEFUTL is not invoked for that job, so both the CPU time and idle time (JWT) are overridden and user does not time out.


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