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CA WCC Monitor ID explained.


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The Monitor ID is a user defined in the Server Configuration screen (UWCC -> Configuration -> Servers).


Release: ALL Supported Versions
Component: CA WCC


It is used to gather job information in the background from a CA Workload Automation AE server on behalf of all CA WCC users.

The specified Monitor ID should have view rights to a superset of CA Workload Automation AE jobs within EEM to provide common monitoring functionality. The Monitor ID does not require update or create authority. The Servers and Views portlets on the main WCC Dashboard page connect as the Monitor ID.

If CA Workload Automation AE native security is used, the password for [email protected] specified for the Monitor ID must be defined in autosys_secure (Option 5), the user must be specified as a SUPER EDIT user (Option 2) and the node must be a valid machine defined to Workload Automation AE via jil (case sensitive).

When CA Workload Automation AE is configured for High Availability and the Application Server Host Name field includes a group of application servers, user credentials must specify the explicit application server for which each user is authorized. For example, if "SERVER1,SERVER2,SERVER3" is entered in the Application Server Host Name field, the user must have a user name of "[email protected]", where n is 1, 2, or 3. The application server used to define the credentials for this user can be any available computer that has a CA Workload Automation AE remote agent installed. Users that do not have an explicit application server specified will not be able to log into the back-end CA Workload Automation AE server.

If CA Workload Automation AE is using EEM for security then the Monitor ID should be in the format of "user". And it should be a valid user within EEM that would have access to ALL Workload Automation AE jobs.

When navigating into a server or view, WCC connects using your WCC login or the credential you may have defined in the WCC Credentials tab for that particular Workload Automation AE server.

For more information on the "Monitor ID" requirements, click on Help in WCC and then search for "Monitor ID". Additional information is also available in the WCC Implementation Guide.

Note: It is possible you will be able to view jobs in your views but not the individual job details. If this occurs, it means your credentials do not work on the back-end CA Workload Automation AE server. You should modify your credentials in the CA WCC Credentials application for the appropriate back-end CA Workload Automation AE server.

For more information, see Credentials Help.