Error "XCOMS7050E ERROR WHILE CHECKING PASSWORD" for a CA XCOM iSeries (AS/400) transfer


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CA XCOM for iSeries (AS/400), transfers fail with XCOMS7050E ERROR WHILE CHECKING PASSWORD.


Release: 11.0
Component: XCAS4R


When receiving this error, please check

  • The USERID must be in upper case.

  • Clearly distinguish between locally initiated (when transferring FROM an AS400 server to Linux for example) and remotely initiated (for example from a Linux server TO AS400). For locally (AS400) initiated, if the remote password (parameter RMTPSW/RMTPSWR) requires mixed case or lower case values, then it needs to be enclosed in single quotes. AS400 strips the quotes and passes the parameter to the application, e.g. use 'password' so that XCOM processes this lower case word.
    When transferring TO an AS400 server from UNIX/Linux or Windows the PASSWORD parameter MUST NOT be embedded in single quotes. That is because those operating systems don’t strip the quotes, so any added quotes will be part of the password. 

  • If sending from z/OS: Is this a PSO transfer (from the JESSPOOL)? If so then PSOUSER and PSOPASS may need to be put in a dest member for the iSeries and ENAble it.

  • Otherwise, this may be a security configuration problem.
    Security for TCP/IP remotely initiated transfers is handled as follows:
    The XCOMSRVR program started by the STRXCTCP, STRXCTCPS, STRXCTCP6 or STRXCTCP6S command processes remotely initiated TCP/IP transfers. If the user profile that is running the XCOMSRVR program has authority to the IBM programs QWTSETP, QSYGETPH, and QSYRLSPH, this user must also be given *ALLOBJ special authority, and then the remotely initiated transfer is checked for user ID and password. If the user ID and password are valid, the transfer runs under the profile of the user ID submitted in the transfer.
    If the profile running the XCOMSRVR program does not have access to any of the above programs, then the user ID and password information submitted with the transfer is ignored and the transfer is run under the user ID of the profile running the XCOMSRVR program. Be cautious with this way to bypass verification of incoming userid and password.

Additional Information

There are two formats for XCOM for AS/400 messages:

XCM7050 - This is how the error message shows up in the AS/400 job log.

XCOMS7050E - This is the format of the message returned to the remote partner.