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No connection between primary and secondary server due to a hibernating Proctor.


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After adding a secondary server with the "pdm_perl" tool and the configuration of both servers, the connection between primary and secondary server does not work.

In the stdlog of the primary server a "remote Proctor hibernating" message is seen:

pdm_d_mgr        26384  SIGNIFICANT  mgr_slump_if.c     874   REMOTE PROCTOR HIBERNATING: proctor_sec01
pdm_d_mgr        26384  ERROR        daemon_obj.c      1845   Remote proctor _proctor_sec01 disconnected: Waiting for reconnect.
pdm_d_mgr        48788  EXIT         api.c             1643   Exiting because slump server terminated!
In the stdlog of the secondary server a "Proctor hibernating" message is seen: 
proctor_SEC01     3272  SIGNIFICANT  agent_os_if.c      824   Proctor hibernating
proctor_SEC01     2656  VERBOSE      api.c             1561   Invalid call to deprecated call SLUMP::set_heartbeat_ping_interval()


This kind of problem can be related with an incorrect reference to the secondary server name in the files created by the "pdm_perl" tool.

A common cause is having the name of the server in upper case but configured in lower case with the pdm_perl tool.

The correct name and case for the server name can be found by typing the command 'hostname' from the command line.

The solution is to run again the pdm_perl tool and to modify the server name considering that the name is case sensitive.


Component: ARGIS