How to customize the families in CA Service Desk Catalyst Connector for Localized version of CA Service Desk Manager
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How to customize the families in CA Service Desk Catalyst Connector for Localized version of CA Service Desk Manager


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The CA Service Desk Connector, version 3.2, only allows usage with an English language Service Desk Manager installation by design.

Since some customers are using a localized version of CA Service Desk, their families/relationships are localized as well.

The CA Service Desk Connector, out of the box, only has support for English language information. When the customer is using Families that are not in English, the connector policy is unable to process them. Since the policy cannot process them, it is unable to build the relationships correctly in the integration.


Service Desk 12.7, Service Desk 12.9

Catalyst 3.2


Log onto the Service Desk Manager server where the Connector is installed and locate:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\connector_registry\topology\physical\%servername%_CatalystConnector\modules\policy

There are two files:

ServiceDeskManager_policy.xml and

These files will have to be customized to include the Families/Relationships in the localized format in addition (or instead of) the in place English language information.

Once customization to the policy is complete the connector must be restarted.

An example of something from the policy:

<Field input="familyName"pattern="^Hardware.Server$|^Hardware.Mainframe$|^Hardware.Workstation$|^Hardware.Printer$|^Hardware.VirtualMachine$|^Network.Router$|^Network.Switch$|^Network.Hub$"output="eventtype" outval="GenericIPDevice" />

Notice the family names are all in English, the localized version would need to be included in the same format.

If a Catalyst Server is involved in the configuration this change should also be made within the Catalyst Registry. Log onto:


with the Catalyst admin user. Browse into:


and make the same changes to the files located there.


CA Support does not support altering the policy file, if the customer wants to customize this they will have to perform the customization on their own, or contact CA Services. If there are problems with the customization itself CA Support are unable to assist with making changes to it. Additionally there is no localized version of the connector that we can provide, the connector is currently only English based.


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