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WCC 11.3.5 Credentials explained - part 2


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You can configure the following types of credentials in the Credential application, depending on your user rights:

User credentials
Valid for a specific server and only the user who configures these user credentials.

Global credentials
Valid for a specific server and all users; set by administrators.

Default credentials
Valid for all servers and only for the user who configures these user credentials.

Note: If your administrator has not enabled Persist Default User in the Configuration preferences section of Configuration, the default credentials are not saved between sessions.
Note: If no credentials have been configured, your CA WCC user name and password are used for authentication with all CA Workload Automation AE servers.
Note: CA EEM ServerAccess policy determines which CA Workload Automation AE servers are visible in CA WCC.

If you have configured more than one credential type for a server, the credentials with the highest priority are used. The credential type priority is as follows:

User credentials (if set active)
Global credentials
Default credentials
CA WCC user name and password


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option