How to automatically add clients to the list of computers in the DS console


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How to add a client to the list of computers in the DS console without adding it as a virtual computer first and selecting which computer it is when it boots to WinPE Automation.

First, make sure to remove all virtual computers (computers showing up as a monitor with a yellow screen), then let the client boot into WinPE Automation. (The option to boot to WinPE may need to be manually selected from the PXE menu.) Once the client boots fully into WinPE, the DAgent (for WinPE 2.1, or AClient for WinPE 1.6) will connect to the Deployment Server and send up it's inventory.  The DAgent/AClient will display the message "Deployment Server has instructed this computer to wait" and there will be a new record in the Deployment Console under New Computers.  It's name will be it's serial number and the icon will show as a small monitor with a yellow triangle in front of it.