What is the function of the 'Replay during Rip and Replace' option on various tasks?


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Some Deployment Server task types have the option "Replay during Rip and Replace" in a Re Deploy Options section of the task settings dialog. What does this option mean and do?

This option, which is selected by default, will allow jobs to be automatically run on blade servers when these are replaced (rip and replace).

The option has no function on desktops, laptops and non blade servers.

Note: You would only see the functionality work on blade servers detected and displayed in the Deployment Server console. If you have a blade server, but it is not regcognized, the option also would not be applicable.

For blade servers that are recognized, you thus have a choice. If you want jobs that have been deployed on a blade server to automatically be run in case of a "rip and replace", make sure the option is selected.
If you wish for the type of task not to run, deselect the option. You can select this to fit your needs and environment.

As previously mentioned desktops, laptops and non blade servers won't be affected, so you can leave the option as you like for these platforms.