How to install ActiveX on a locked down internet browser


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




When trying to install ActiveX on a "locked down" workstation/internet browser will get error:

Windows has blocked this software because it can not verify the publisher  for

Company policy prohibit making this a Trusted Site. 

You can use the NSCabInstaller which is found here by default:

c:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\NS CAB Installer Package\AltirisNSCABInstaller.exe
(http://ServerName/Altiris/NS/NSCap/Bin/Win32/X86/NS CAB Installer Package/AltirisNSCABInstaller.exe)

When this file is executed on a machine, it drops the required files into c:\Windows\System32\ and registers them. This makes the controls available to all users of that machine. As indicated in the file's path, this method is only supported on x86 (32-bit) platforms. Some customers have been able to manually register .ocx files on a 64-bit platform by following the information found in the following article from Microsoft:

It should be noted that the NSCabInstaller does not install the "AppweaverControls.DTpicker" control. To install this control, do the following:

  1. On the Helpdesk server, browse to c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\Altiris_AppWeaver\6_0_sp3\lib\
  2. Right-click on "AppWeaverControls.CAB" and choose Explore
  3. Right-click on "AppWeaverControls.ocx" and choose Extract
  4. Choose a location to extract the file to and click Extract
  5. Right-click on "MSCOMCT2.OCX" and choose to Extract
  6. Extract to same location as the AppWeaverControls.ocx file
  7. After copying/pushing these files to a machine, register them (using the regsvr32 command as seen in the example below). I recommend placing them in c:\Windows\System32\ since the other controls are placed there.

If you are pushing the controls out via Group Policy or an Altiris solution, you can make the registration silentl by using "regsvr32 /s AppWeaverControls.ocx" (without the quotes).

IMPORTANT: Administrator or Power User rights are needed to install ActiveX controls on a machine. There are also security settings in Internet Explorer that determine the way ActiveX controls are handled. Please verify that your users have proper rights to their machines and that IE is configured to allow ActiveX controls. If your environment is locked down, consider pushing out the controls via Group Policy or an Altiris solution.