How inventory data is loaded into the Altiris database


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How is new inventory data loaded into the Altiris database?


The following walk through process is used for every key pair  ResourceGuid+DataClassGuid (referred to as 'key pair' below) that is contained within the received inventory (note that a single NSE often contains many inventory classes for one resource or from many resources during Inventory Forwarding as is the case in this KB).

  1. Delete the existing inventory data for the key pair using the dataclass stored procedure named sp_<data_table_name>_resource_delete

  2. Clear the ResourceUpdateSummary DataHash (as there is no longer any data for the specified key pair)

  3. Verify that the data was cleaned properly (by selecting the DataHash for the key pair - this should not return any values)

  4. Write the key pair data into the Data Class table. For some reason the Altiris Profiler only shows the transaction statement instead of the full insert statement).

  5. Verify that the key pair data was loaded into the database properly.

  6. Update the key pair ResourceUpdateSummary DataHash with the newly inserted data hash.

  7. Run some transaction logic to verify that everything worked properly.

  8. Run a final check on the inserted data by calling spResourceDataCheck