Installing the Symantec Management Platform products


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How do I install the Symantec Management Platform products?


You use Symantec Installation Manager to download and install the Symantec Management Platform products. You do not download any Symantec Management Platform products from the Symantec Web site. Instead, you download and install Symantec Installation Manager and then use it to download and install the Symantec Management Platform products. You also use Symantec Installation Manager to repair, update, and apply licenses to Symantec Management Platform products after you install them.

When you install a product with Symantec Installation Manager, the Symantec Management Platform and any other dependencies are also installed if they are not already installed. The platform provides a set of services that include security, reporting, communications, package deployment, and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The products plug into the platform and leverage these services.

The following process describes a first-time installation on a computer with an Internet connection. If your installation is an upgrade, Symantec Installation Manager also manages the migration of the 6.x data to the Symantec Management Platform. If the Symantec Management Platform computer does not have an Internet connection, you must first install Symantec Installation Manager on a computer that has an Internet connection and create an installation package. You then use this installation package to install the product on a computer without an Internet connection.

For more information, see topics on migrating 6.x data and creating an installation package in the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide.

Process for installing the Symantec Management Platform products

Step Action Description
Step 1 Configure your system to meet the recommended system requirements. When you install Symantec Management Platform products, Symantec Installation Manager checks for the minimum system requirements and only installs the products if these minimum system requirements are met. However, the minimum system requirements may not be sufficient for your environment. Before you install Symantec Installation Manager, you should determine what the recommended system requirements are for your environment and configure your system accordingly. The recommended system requirements primarily depend on the number of your managed endpoints.

See Symantec Management Platform Capacity Planning.

See Altiris 7 Planning and Implementation Guide.

Step 2 Install Symantec Installation Manager. You install Symantec Installation Manager in one of the following ways:

You download it from the product page of the product that you want to install. All of the Symantec Management Platform products are listed at Business > Products > Products A-Z. When you select a Symantec Management Platform product, a Web page opens for that product. Every product's Web page has a Trialware link. The Trialware link takes you to the Software Download page. The Download button on the Software Download page, lets you download and run the EXE that installs Symantec Installation Manager. The name of the file is symantec_sim.exe.

  • If the Symantec Managemnet Platform product is distributed on a CD, install it from the CD.
Step 3 Install the Symantec Management Platform products. In Symantec Installation Manager, you select the products to install on the Install New Products page. This page appears the first time you start Symantec Installation Manager. You can also access this page from the Installed Products page in Symantec Installation Manager. After you select the products to install, the Review selected products button begins the installation wizard. This wizard walks you through a set of pre-installation tasks that include the configuration of Notification Server and SQL Server. The wizard then installs the products that you selected.
Step 4 Manage the installation of the Symantec Management Platform products. After you install the Symantec Management Platform products, you use Symantec Installation Manager to perform additional installation tasks. These tasks can include updating installed products, installing new products, applying licenses, and repairing broken installations.

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