How does Patch Management Solution work with Maintenance windows?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows





How does the 'Override Maintenance Windows Settings' option for Software Update Configuration Policies behave, and what is its purpose. 

This option gives Administrators the ability to force an update to be installed without waiting for the next Maintenance Window.  This may be desirable behavior in some cases with Microsoft Updates.

The following is an example scenario to help explain how Patch works with Maintenance windows.  Assume there is a Maintenance Window set from 10pm – 12am, and the global Software Update Agent schedule is set for 3am, will the Software Update Agent know to install updates when the maintenance window opens or will it wait until 3am and then defer the installation until the following evening?


Default Scheduled Updates

If a Maintenance Window applies to a machine then the updates will install when the window opens- in this case the default schedule is effectively ignored.


ASAP Updates

ASAP updates which override maintenance windows will install ASAP.

ASAP updates which DO NOT override Maintenance Windows will install when the next window opens.


Custom Scheduled Updates

Custom scheduled updates which override Maintenance Windows are delayed until their schedule is due.

Custom scheduled updates which DO NOT override the Maintenance Windows are also delayed until their schedule is due, but will not be installed until the next available Maintenance Window is open



So in the case outlined the updates would get installed at 10pm.