How to create a bootable CD/DVD using the Deployment Server 'Boot Disk Creator' utility


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How do you create a bootable CD/DVD using the Deployment Server 'Boot Disk Creator' utility?

1. To create the bootable CD or DVD, start by choosing Boot Disk Creator from the Deployment Server Tools pull-down menu.

2. Either create a new configuration (right-click on Configurations and choose New Configuration) or work with an existing configuration.

3. Right-click on an existing configuration and choose Create Boot Disks.

4. Under Step 1 of the Create Boot Disk wizard, choose ISO (CD/DVD image), Network Boot and notice the location where the iso image will be created. Click the Next button to continue.

5. In Step 2 of the Create Boot Disk wizard, the iso file will be created.

6. In Step 3, click the Close button to exit the wizard. You can then use your CD/DVD burning program (such as Roxio) to burn the .iso image to a CD or DVD.

Note: You do not want to just copy the files from the .iso file or just make a copy of the .iso file on the CD or DVD. Instead you want your imaging software to mount the .iso image and create a complete disk image. (In the Roxio Creator Classic utility, this is done by choosing "Burn from Disc Image File" from the File pull-down menu.)