How do I reset the 'Superuser' account password?
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How do I reset the 'Superuser' account password?


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CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio) CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation Connector


the default admin account that gets installed with Release Automation. The default password of this account is 'suser'.

If the password was changed and you cannot login, you can reset the password to the default password to login temporarily using the procedure outlined in this document.



All versions of CA Release Automation





  1. Run the following query against the nolio_db database: 

    Select * from users where username='superuser' 
  2. The default password for the 'superuser' account is 'suser' and it should be encrypted with the following value in the query result: 
  3. If it was changed and you want to reset it, update the field with the above value using the query below, recycle the Release Automation service and try logging in with the 'superuser' account. 

    update users 
    set password='515483996667424e5eae87559fb6f67a' where username='superuser' 

    Note: The above statements are for Microsoft SQL Server and need to be translated to the syntax used by the appropriate database.

****Important: It is recommended to take a backup of the database before running any update query.