How to integrate pcAnywhere Box with the Deployment Solution Win32 console


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How do I integrate pcAnywhere 12.5 Box with the  Deployment Server Win32 Console?


The DS Win32 Console can be configured to launch PCAnywhere just as it can launch Remote Desktop from Microsoft.  Security will still be managed by PCA, not DS, as this is simply an internal "link" to the external product.  Following this process adds a link that shows when you right-click a computer and choose "Remote Control".

To add this link into the console, modify the RemoteControlTools.ini found in the express share with a [pcAnywhere] section as shown below:

; This .ini file lets you add third-party remote control tools to Deployment Solution.  You can add multiple third-party
; tools in this .ini file. As you add each entry, the corresponding display name appears in the console.  When you select this
; item in the console, the appropriate tool is launched using the command-line options you provide.
; Each section contains the information about a tool which you can add.
; Provide settings such as Display Name, File Path and Command-line arguments for the Remote tool in this section.
; You can add the following list of keys to this section:
;   Display-Name = Name that will appear in the console.
;   RemoteToolEXEFilePath = Remote control tool executable file path.  This should be the complete path of the executable and
;     should be accessible from the system where the console is running.
;   CommandLine = Command-line arguments to the tool.  Deployment Solution replaces the token %COMPNAME% by the computer name,
;     and %AGENTIPADDR% with the IP address of the client computer.

[Remote Desktop]
Display-Name=&Remote Desktop

[pcAnywhere]    -- Requires that a host agent is install on the clients and is waiting
RemoteToolEXEFilePath=C:\Program Files\Symantec\PCanywhere\awrem32.exe
CommandLine="C:\Program Files\Symantec\PCanywhere\CMS\admin11.chf"/c%AGENTIPADDR%

RemoteToolEXEFilePath=C:\program files\symantec\pcAnywhere\pcAQuickConnect.exe
/Computer:%COMPNAME%  --pcAnywhere quickconnect doesn't use this but its required in this ini file

[Remote Computer Management Snap-in]
Display-Name=Remote Computer & Management

The configuration above for pcAnywhere 12.5 will work if running the console on the Deployment Server. It will not work on remote consoles. The RemoteToolEXEFilePath needs to be a UNC path. Based on our discussions with Engineering, the remote piece requires a full installation of pcAnywhere on the computer from which it will run.  Therefore, the scenario of running pcaquickconnect.exe from a UNC path will not work.

NOTE: Follow this link for more information on configuring PCA Box clients and using the PCA Packager: 

NOTE: Attached is a document showing how to use the packager to create and deploy a pcA HOST package.


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