Installing the Symantec Management Platform on VMware


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


What virtualization environments are supported for the Symantec Management Platform?


VMware ESX Server or VMware Workstation host

VMware ESX Server is supported by the Symantec Management Platform in test and production environments.

For test environments, a best practice is to host the Symantec Management Platform and the SQL Server on separate virtual machines to maximize performance potential. If physical hardware is available, it should be used as a dedicated SQL Server to further improve performance and scalability.

For production environments, the Symantec Management Platform may be run on a virtual machine. However, SQL should be run on a separate, physical server. If you install the SQL Server on a VMware computer, you may experience performance issues. Performance will also depend on the management features in use. Additionally, hosting SQL Server on VMware can expose known issues. These are described in Issues associated with hosting SQL Server on VMware.

VMware Workstation is supported for evaluating or demonstrating the Symantec Management Platform. But, it has severe performance limitations. VMware Workstation should only be used if there are five or fewer managed endpoints. In this environment, SQL may be run in a virtual machine.

Other virtualization hosts such as Hyper-V or Microsoft Virtual Server

Support is "best effort" only, as we have performed limited testing for these environments.