What and Where is NSConfigurator utility on NS 7?
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What and Where is NSConfigurator utility on NS 7?


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In Notification Server 7, where is the NSConfigurator tool?


The NSConfigurator tool can be found under Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Bin\Tools. To launch it, run the NSConfigurator.exe file. This will open a window with all the available settings found in the coreSettings.config file (under Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Config). 


NSConfigurator.exe is a configuration tool allowing users to change most core configuration settings that are otherwise not exposed via the Altiris Console. These settings are only to be changed by those who know what effect each setting will have on the system.

Using NSConfigurator

During the launch of this utility, a security check is performed to determine if the current user has permission to view or modify the settings. For users that do not have access, a warning message is displayed before the application exits.

Once the application is open there is a navigational tree on the left hand side. This is where the settings live, grouped by the categories it’s in. Upon clicking a setting from the navigation tree, the setting is displayed in the right hand pane in edit mode. Here you can change the value of the setting. When a invalid value is entered, a validation message will appear and you will not be able to save the setting unless the value is corrected. For most settings a default value is specified. If you wish to restore this value, click the restore default button.

To search for a setting instead of using the tree navigation, enter your search text on the textbox located on the top right hand corner and click on the “search” button. Results include all categories and settings which match. Click on the “Show” link under the “Action” column to open the specific category/setting for editing.