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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




How do I remotely troubleshoot an agent without logging into the machine?


“Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics” allows you to connect into a remotely Altiris Agent managed machine to view all the configurations and troubleshoot without having to logon or RDP into the machine to look at the Agent UI.

Please see version 2 at HOWTO21449.

Application Functionality:

    • Download the attached application. Just enter the DNS name of the remote machine and hit Enter
    • See all settings that the Agent UI shows, except remotely
    • Connect to Altiris 6 and Altiris 7 Agents
    • Run Configuration Request
    • Send Basic Inventory
    • Run a SWD Program
    • Stop and Start Altiris service
    • Delete Patch IAD file
    • View NSI Inventory files
    • Delete Inventory files (cleanbeforerun)
    • Log Viewer with Filtering ability
    • Start Patch Cycle
    • Run Patch Inventory
    • Run Patch Update
    • Set Logging Levels
    • View Task Manager
    • Remote Execution
    • View Package Server details
    • View Client Policies
    • Refresh Packages
    • Resend Package Status
    • Link to Resource Manager
    • Link to Carbon Copy
    • Link to Package Sources
    • Install Altiris Agent (if not present)
    • Reset Agent Guid
    • Redirect Agent (to different NS)
    • Inventory Rule Evaluation (local only)
    • Task details - Status, Last Rregistered, Task Server, Task History (7 only)
    • Task History (7 only)
    • Reset Task Agent (7 only)
    • Check for Tasks (7 only)
  • ...more


  • Run the executable locally, not from a share
  • Host and remote machine must be x86 Windows OS
  • Use an Admin account - can use 'Run As' as described below
  • Remote Registry service needs to be started on host and remote machine
  • .NET 1.1 framework installed on host and remote machine
  • Altiris Agent must be installed on host to run Altiris actions like Config Request, Send Basic Inventory, etc
  • Firewall on the remote machine will also prevent Altiris actions. You will need to add AeXNSAgent.exe to the Firewall exclusion by running the following command on the remote machine:
         netsh firewall add allowedprogram "%programfiles%\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXNSAgent.exe" ENABLE
    Or you can simply run this command from the 'Remote Execute Option' button from the application
  • If you have machines which are not on the domain and need to authenticate using a local admin account run this command line:
             runas /netonly /user:<IP>or<FQDN>\administrator  "Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics.exe"
    This will prompt for the password of the local account "administrator" on the machine and then start the application

Ver. 1.4.17 - Added ability edit the number of logs to show
See Changes.txt in ZIP file for full list of version updates.

This is tool is not supported by Altiris Support. If you have problems or comments please use this KB to send feedback.

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