WCC 11.3.5 Credentials explained - part 1
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WCC 11.3.5 Credentials explained - part 1


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The CA WCC Credentials application lets users add, modify, and delete their credentials for back-end servers in real time, simply by selecting the appropriate server and operation. There is no need to deploy changes using the Configuration Manager for credential updates to take effect.

CA EEM policies control the ability of each user to add or modify credentials. These policies can be used to allow or deny users from creating a specific user ID, credentials for a specific server, and so on. The Credentials application lists all of the servers the logged-in user has access to based on the active ServerAccess policies.

CA WCC captures the credentials of the user during login to use as the default credentials. These default credentials are passed directly to the back-end servers, unless alternative credentials are supplied in the Credentials application. To supply alternative credentials, the user can either modify the default credentials for the current session or supply server-specific credentials. If users add server-specific credentials, these will override the default credential settings. Users can add multiple user names and passwords for each back-end server, although only one user can be active for each server. The active user for each server is also set in this application.

The Servers and Views portlet on the main WCC Dashboard page connect as a trusted user to get status information from Workload Automation AE. When one clicks on a server or view WCC connects using your WCC login or the credential you may have defined in the WCC Credentials tab for that particular Workload Automation AE server.

The credentials defined in the Credentials application are used to connect to CA Workload Automation AE servers that do not share a common CA EEM instance with CA WCC.

Enterprise Command Line and Forecast always use the settings defined in Credentials to connect to CA Workload Automation AE servers.


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option