Testing App Wrapping issues


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Mobility Suite




Test the following in order. At the point where the app stops working, take screenshots of any errors and make a note of what changes you just made.
1.    Can you use the app outside of Mobility Suite?
2.    If you get the app through Mobility Suite, does the app work if there is no policy applied? 
3.    Can the app be wrapped? (Do you get errors during the wrapping process?)
4.    Can you download the wrapped app?
5.    Wrap the app in the most non-restrictive policy possible. Allow everything, no encryption, no authentication.  Do you still get errors?
6.    Start adding the restrictions you want back into the app. If you get errors, note which restriction(s) cause the error.

In any app wrap case, the standard procedure is to wrap the affected app with a non-restrictive app policy and continue to add configurations one by one until the app wrap fails. Trying an open policy (one with no restrictions) then adding the restrictions back in will help narrow down where the issue is occurring. (Encryption, SSO, and other authentication policies tend to be the most likely to cause issues, so try those first if they were in your original policy.)
If the open policy does not work, there is an issue with the basic wrapping compatibility.
If the apps are able to be wrapped, but only specific versions of the operating system are able to use it, then this may be a different issue entirely. You would need to collect the device logs.
How to view and collect iOS device logs: http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO111051    
How to obtain debug logs from Android device: http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO81826       

These are some additional questions to ask when having issues with wrapping apps, or apps that act differently when wrapped.

1. How was the app created? Do you have any other apps that you have created the same way that do work? (We know that we have issues with apps made with Adobe Air and certain other ‘app creation’ programs.)

2. What does the app do, in general? (There are some known issues with certain content, forms, etc.) Does the app include encryption at any point? (If the app encrypts docs or other data internally, you cannot use a policy with encryption.)


When you determine which part of the policy causes the error, please note the following and send them to support:
1.    The time you last tried to wrap the app and the time zone you were in.
2.    The name of the app.
3.    The URL for the tenant.
4.    Describe what happens when it is wrapped. Does it hang on wrapping? Does it look like it wraps, but doesn’t download? Or does it seem to download, but crashes when you try to open it on a device?
5.    Do you get any errors? If so, please take a screenshot and include it in your email to support.
6.    For On-Prem tenants, gather the following logs to send to support:
       a.    In Mobility Suite installations, the celery.log/appstore.log file will need to be collected. The following script can be run from the terminal to collect all the log files:

              $ /usr/local/nukona/bin/gather_logs.sh
       b.    The output of this script can be found in the following format and location: /root/appcenter-logs-<date and time>.tar.gz
7.    If the apps are unable to be uploaded through the Admin Console at all, then the appstore.log file will need to be collected from the /var/log/nukona directory.