Configuring & Troubleshooting Patch Management 7.5


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




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Migration and Configuration articles:

IT Management Suite 7.5 Planning for Implementation Guide DOC5670
IT Management Suite Migration Guide version 6.x to 7.5 DOC5668
Configuring Patch Management 7.1 and 7.5 for Windows? HOWTO56242
Repairing Patch Management 7.x HOWTO47868
Best Practices for setting up Notifications for Patch Management 7.X TECH127404
How does the Windows System Assessment Scan policy work? HOWTO110220


PMImport & Patch Remediation Center articles:

PMImport failing to download successfully TECH166778
What checks do I need to perform to confirm the update is failing due to 'Rules Issue?' HOWTO95427
PointFix 2764314 - Import Patch Data for Windows displays Microsoft and HP Vendor as a custom resource name TECH189223
Listing Software Update download URL's used for Patch Management TECH186657
Software Updates are generating errors for the client policy xml files, PMImport takes a long time and PRC shows Downloaded=False
  • Updates were once downloaded in PRC, but clean up failed to recreate packages
Deadlocking errors during PMImport or downloading updates in PRC
  • Ensure PMImport is configured properly and then run SMP Diag Tool to view database health and configurations


Client-side articles:

Troubleshooting a client updating or rebooting outside the Patch Policy schedule HOWTO95533
Software Updates failing to deploy in Patch Management 7.1.x & 7.5 HOWTO79448
Updates to show as pending on the Software update tab of the Symantec Management Agent TECH127676
Management Agent GUI > Software Updates Tab displays Software Updates in a 'Retrying' status. TECH159956
Software Updates are displayed in 'Scheduled' status on the Software Updates Tab on a daily basis. TECH141928
High CPU usage caused by the Patch Management Agent plugin HOWTO10560
Management Agent GUI displays: 'Software Update Plug-in is not ready' TECH158125
Software Update Plug-in upgrade fails to install on endpoints. TECH215350
Client failing to return Patch Management Inventories for v7.1 SP1, SP2, MP1.x and 7.5 HOWTO60750
Patch Management Licensing and Client Inventories fail to return to the Notification Server. TECH170397
Windows Assessment Scan Exit Codes TECH179849
What does the Patch Management 7.X check for Reboot is needed, and does this apply to manually installed updates? TECH127365
Machines are rebooting outside the Default Software Update Plug-in Policy Schedule. TECH127411
Software updates are not installing or rebooting as defined in the main Patch schedule TECH41865
Deploying 'end-of-life' Software Updates from vendors on extended support HOWTO88633
Symantec Management Platform and Altiris Solutions Support Matrix HOWTO9965
Software Update Plug-in versions for Patch Management 7.X HOWTO30314


Reporting articles:

Reports showing compliance numbers in Patch Management 7.X HOWTO10882
Patch Reports fail to display data for updates. TECH194917
Compliance Reports display inaccurate compliance numbers and reboot required status. TECH167291
Forcing Patch Compliance Reports to report on Superseded Updates HOWTO84835
Software Updates are displayed in 'Scheduled' status on the Software Updates Tab on a daily basis. TECH141928
High CPU usage caused by the Patch Management Agent plugin HOWTO10560


Hierarchy articles:

Troubleshooting Patch Management within Hierarchy HOWTO95152
PMImport replication within a Hierarchy HOWTO83929
Package Replication within a Hierarchy HOWTO42304


Other helpful articles:

Management Platform 7.5 SP1 Release Notes DOC7410
Patch Management Solution for Windows® 7.5 SP1 User Guide DOC7333
Patch Management Solution for Mac® 7.5 SP1 User Guide DOC7216
Check Software Update Package Integrity fails to clean up unused packages. TECH183806
Configuring Patch Management 7.1.X / 7.5 to operate without internet connection. HOWTO59024
Changing the Default Target for Software Update Policies during creation HOWTO79488
Why is MSRT-001 being deployed with an updated version without running the Revise Software Update Task? HOWTO95248
What is the limit of updates per Software Update Policy? HOWTO95202
How to determine which computers require what updates HOWTO21677