Collecting Laptop Battery Data in Inventory Solution 7.x


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server) Inventory Solution




 Set or verify the collection of battery data in your inventory policies:


1. In the Symantec Management Platform console, navigate to Manage > Policies, and the in the left pane go to Discovery and Inventory > Inventory > Collect Full Inventory

2. Under the Policy Rules/Actions section, right side, click the Advanced button

3. In the Data Classes tab of the pop-up window, navigate to Inventory data classes > Hardware > Common > Battery and check the Battery option

4. Click OK to save your changes

5. Click the Save changes button to save the inventory policy.


The next time this policy runs it will collect battery data; if the battery option was already selected, the data will be available to view.

You can view the data by running a query against the Inv_HW_Battery table in the Symantec CMDB, and you can see the data in the Resource Manager.


To view data in Resource Manager:

1. Navigate to Manage > Computers and search for the laptop you want to view.

2. Right click on the laptop and select Resource Manager.

3. In the Resource Manager, navigate to View > Inventory, and then in the center section  go to Data Classes > Inventory > Hardware and select Battery.

4. The collected data is in the right section, Current tab.


Note: if you do not see the Battery data class listed in the Resource Manager, an inventory that includes the Battery data class has not succeeded on that machine.