How can report snapshots be purged?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




Question: When in a report, the user saves a snapshot by going to Save As > Snapshot, this then appears under "Select a value" > Snapshot <date_time>. However, there doesn't appear to be any way to purge these once they are there.
Answer: While Purging Maintenance can purge auto-saved snapshots, it cannot purge user saved snapshot. There are no features for the out-of-box Altiris UI to do this.

The workaround is to purge these in SQL. The following instructions demonstrates how to do this.

  1. In the SQL Server Management Studio, run the following SQL script:

    USE Symantec_CMDB
    SELECT *
    FROM DataSnapShot
    ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC

    This lists the snapshots by their created date and time.
  2. Locate the GUID of the report to purge its snapshots of in the DataSourceGuid column. The report's GUID can be found by right clicking on the report in Altiris and then choosing Properties.
  3. Decide which snapshots to purge or purge them all for the specific report. The following SQL script demonstrates both of these examples:

    -- Delete only a specific snapshot. Substitute "<GUID>" for the GUID of the row to delete.
    FROM DataSnapShot
    WHERE Guid = '<GUID>'

    -- Delete all snapshots for a specific report. Substitute "<report_GUID>" for the report's GUID to delete.
    FROM DataSnapShot
    WHERE DataSourceGuid = '<report_GUID>'
  4. If the user is in the Symantec Management Platform in the report, go to another area in the Console, then come back to the report. Opening "Select a value" should now show that the snapshot(s) are purged.