How to build the iOS Work Hub Agent (client) for use with Symantec Mobility Suite


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Important: Before continuing with this article, complete HOWTO95463, to create and upload the below three certificates to the Mobility server; if rebuilding the iOS client it may be a good time to renew these certificates, to renew follow HOWTO110304 :
·         iOS Distribution Certificate (P12 or PFX)
·         APNS (Push) Certificate (P12 or PFX)
·         Mobile Provisioning Profile (for the above APNS: App-id)

Note: Review the Work Hub Agent customization options located in: Settings > Device Configuration > Work Hub branding.

1.       From the Mobility Suite Admin console > Settings > Device Configuration > iOS client.

2.       Upload the distribution certificate (created from HOWTO95463) and click Build iOS Work Hub.