How to determine whether the correct driver is being used in WinPE


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How to determine whether the correct driver is being used in WinPE Automation?

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Testing the network driver under WinPE
  1. Ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected.
  2. Boot the clients computer to a WinPE using a WinPE Configured to "network boot" 
             To create a  WinPE Configured to "network boot" refer to HOWTO10435
  3. Type IPCONFIG in the command console window. If no IP addresses are listed then you do not have a functioning network driver.
  4. Obtain the correct network Windows Vista driver files (WinPE 2.1 is based on Vista code) and copy them to a USB flash memory device. Typically this will be a set of .INF, .SYS and .DLL files (.CAT files are not required).
  5. Change to the drive letter of the flash memory drive by typing the drive letter and a semi-colon (eg type E: and click enter.  You may need to try different drive letters until you find the USB device).
  6. Type dir *.inf  to list the INF files that you previously copied to the flash memory drive.
  7. Test the first INF file by typing DRVLOAD xxxxx.INF (where xxxx.INF is the first INF file listed).
  8. DRVLOAD should report that the driver has loaded successfully; if not go to step 5 and pick the next INF file.
    If you receive an 'unable to load' error (eg Error 0x80070002), check that you have included all .sys and .dll files in the same folder.
  9. Type NETCFG -WINPE to install the WinPE network stack.
  10. Type IPCONFIG. If the command lists the IP addresses for your network, then you have found the correct driver. If no IP addresses are listed, go to step 6 and try another driver.