How to manually install the Symantec Monitor Agent on Linux


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rpm and wget must be installed on the Linux machine to have the Monitor Agent installed on it.  Other methods such as curl or alien will work, but this document
only covers rpm and wget.

1.)  The first check that should be done is to first make sure that the Symantec Management  Agent is installed prior to trying to install the Monitor Agent.  Run the following command:

ps -ef | grep aex | grep -v grep
This should return:
aex-pluginmanager.bin -D
aex-pluginmanager -F -nm -nc


2.)  Download the package to the client machine.  This can be done by logging into the client machine with super user (root) credentials and entering the following command:

wget "http://ServerNameHere/Altiris/ns/NSCap/bin/UNIX/Monitor/Linux/x86/aex-monitor.rpm"
wget "http://ServerNameHere/Altiris/ns/NSCap/bin/UNIX/Monitor/Linux/x86/aex-ms-setup"

3.)  Next change the permissions of the folder the installer files were downloaded to with the following command:

chmod -R 777 .

Note: the above command will only work if the current working directory is the directory that the install files were downloaded to. 
To see what the current working directory is use the command: pwd.

4.)  Either of the following commands will install the Monitor Agent.  Either can be used.  Note if you use RPM it is not necessary to change the permissions of the
directory that the files were downloaded to.

rpm -i aex-monitor.rpm



5.)  Once the install has run, check to make sure that the monitor agent is installed by running the same command from above:

ps -ef | grep aex | grep -v grep

The following should be seen
aex-pluginmanager.bin -D
aex-pluginmanager -F -nm -nc