How to install the DS 6.9 Linux agent


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Deployment Solution




Below is a very simple script that can be used to install the ADLAgent onto any supported (possibly unsupported, but as the name suggests it would be unsupported) Linux OS. It does require interaction to configure, but simplifies pulling the agent files down to each client and running the installer and configuration.

Additional Information


Before executing this script, be sure to replace the following:

Replace With Deployment Server's IP 
myDom/AltirisUser [Domain/]User that has access to eXpress share
myPassword Account above's password
altiris-adlagent-*.x86_64.bin This will only work if there's only one version, otherwise replace * with the version you want installed

mkdir /mnt/eXpress && mount -t cifs // /mnt/eXpress -o username=myDom/AltirisUser,password=myPassword && /mnt/eXpress/Agents/ADLAgent/altiris-adlagent-*.x86_64.bin && /opt/altiris/deployment/adlagent/bin/configure && umount /mnt/eXpress && rmdir /mnt/eXpress