Why is MSRT-001 being deployed with an updated version without running the Revise Software Update Task?


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




Question: Why is MSRT-001 (Malicious Software Removal Tool Update) deployed with the current update each month, yet the Revise Software Update Task is not enabled on the PMImport.

Answer: Microsoft releases the new version of this tool each month; however, this update remains the same in that it deploys the Malicious Software Removal Tool; therefore, the update is already existing and is therefor not 'Revised' by definition. 

Note: This behavior is following the vendor's approach, for that is the intended method of deployment from Microsoft as it provides the same Software Update (KB article) for the newest version of the tool. Therefore, Patch Management Solution is unable to maintain the 'older' version of the update as it is no longer provided by the Vendor. The MSRT-001 Bulletin will remain in the PRC and will be listed historically until the newest version is released.

Advisory: If the update testing is required; redirect the Software Update Policy to deploy MSRT-001 each month to a test lab prior to release from Microsoft on each 2nd Tuesday of the month.