How to monitor logical disk space usage on Windows machines for a custom drive:


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  1. Navigate to Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Policies > Monitor Policies
  2. Right Click on Monitor Policies and select New > Monitor Policy (Agent-Based).
  3. Click on the Add description link at the top of the policy page and give the policy a name that can be remembered such as "DiskUsage".
  4. Under the rules tab click the blue + button to add a new rule.
  5. Click the yellow * New button and select Metric.
  6. This will bring up the New Metric Rule window. Give the New Metric Rule a Name such as "DiskUsageMetricRule" and select a category for it such as Disk.
  7. Create a new metric by clicking the yellow * button > Select Metric.
  8. For disk usage, one could either create a brand new metric or since there is a built in logical disk usage metric, just clone an edit the currently existing metric.
  9. To clone the currently existing logical disk policy, select the LogicalDisk - % Free Space (C:) metric from the list and click the icon at the top that looks like 2 pieces of paper to clone it.
  10. This will create a copy of the metric called "Copy of LogicalDisk - % Free Space (C:)". Search for it in the metric selector and click the pencil icon at the top to edit it.
  11. Now to change the disk drive the metric will monitor simply change the letter in the Instance field to the letter that represents the drive you would like to monitor such as D: or E:.
  12. Change the name of the metric to something that can be remembered such as LogicalDisk - % Free Space (D:) and click OK.
  13. On the Select Metric page select the metric that was just created and click OK.
  14. On the New Metric Evaluation set the threshold for the metric to alert on.  Keep in mind for this particular metric the value to be evaluated is the percentage of remaining disk space.
  15. Most likely the condition should be set to "Is Less than" and then in the Value field type in the percentage of disk space remaining that should be checked for. Click OK.
  16. Click OK on the New Metric Rule page.
  17. On the Select Rule Page, select the Rule that was just created and click OK.
  18. On the policy page click Save Changes.
  19. Now simply target the policy to the machines that should receive it and update their agents so they get the policy information.


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How to monitor logical disk space usage on Windows machines for a custom drive: