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PM Import in 7.0


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Patch Management Solution for Windows




There are 2 types on imports for Patch Management, Full and Incremental. A full import brings in all data from the .cab file, an incremental just brings in what has changed.

To set the Patch Management Import (PMI) for a full import navigate to Manage>Tasks>Jobs and Tasks>System Jobs and Tasks >Software >Patch Management >Microsoft Patch Management Import. (You can also get there by going to Home> Software>Patch Management>Microsoft>Settings>Microsoft Import.)

Under Patch Management Import settings is a check box “Only download if modified” this is where you choose if you want to do a full PMI or an incremental.  


The settings under Additional Settings can be extremely helpful in managing your existing policies. Each PMI may contain data and fixes for existing software updates, and some updates may become superseded.  

The Automatically Revise option will update your policies if there have been revisions from the vendor. By checking this option, you can use the new data to resolve any known issues with software updates.

The Disable Superseded disables the rollout of any software update tasks containing superseded software updates.

Once you have made the necessary changes, you will need to click on save changes. If the button is not grayed out then the PMI will not run.



The last thing to do will be to schedule a PMI. To do this simply click on “New Schedule“ choose when you want it to run and then click “Schedule”