How can Asset data be imported/copied/migrated to a new Symantec Management Platform server?


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Question: A new Symantec Management Platform server has been created, with an old one still in the environment. The new one may have a new version, such as 7.5, or be the same version as the old one. It is desired to only or primarily copy or import or migrate just the Asset data from the old server to the new one. How can this be performed?

Answer: The answer depends on what the customer wants for Asset data and what versions of the Symantec Management Platform are on the old and new servers.

  • The term "asset" can mean a lot of things. Specifically, this should refer to Asset Management Solution, which is purchase orders, invoices and software licenses type data. But "asset" may mean to the customer computer data, which is even more vague. Computer data incorporates many different product data classes, such as from Core, Inventory Solution and CMDB Solution.
  • Once it clearly identified what actual "asset" data is needed to be, a method of copying/importing/migrating this to the new server from the old must be decided.

    * If the new server is 7.5 and the old server is 7.0 or 6.0, the preferred method is to use the Data Migration Wizard to migrate data. When using the Data Migration Wizard, select the products of which data is to be migrated, for example, Asset Management for all Asset Management data. It is not recommended to selectively disable certain data classes under a product because this then makes the migration very problematic unless the customer is fully versed in how to correctly do this. In fact, if Asset Management data is needed only, really this should also include Core, CMDB Solution and Inventory Solution data too, otherwise it's likely that associated data is not brought over, orphaning data on the new server.

    * If the new server is 7.5 and the old server is 7.1, the Data Migration Wizard cannot be used as this is not designed to work on 7.1 to 7.5. This requires an upgrade of the 7.1 database to 7.5. This is further discussed in the following article: 

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    * If the new server is 7.5 and the old server is 7.1 or if the Data Migration Wizard is not desired to be used between 7.5 and 7.0 or 6.0, this greatly limits the ease of which asset or any data type can be copied/imported/migrated from one server to another. The Data Connector Solution can be used for this purpose, but this requires extensive programming and knowledge of how to use the product to access the resources and data classes needed to be accessed. Because of this Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist the customer in implementing or troubleshooting this process, which is considered a Consulting Services request. Consulting Services can be reached at With that said, Symantec Technical Support can provide basic guidance to the customer on the general usage of this process which is also discussed in the following related article:

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