Deployment Solution in a Heirarchy


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Hierarchy can simplify the management of Endpoint Management solutions across multiple Notification Servers; specific guidelines on supported solutions and additional resources need to run Hierarchy can be found here -
Due to the distinctive nature of OS Deployment and System Provisioning, Symantec’s recommendation is to manage deployment activities from the relevant client-facing (child) server instead of the parent. 
This recommendation takes into account the following factors: 
  • While image files will replicate throughout the hierarchy (similar to other “software components” stored in the software library, our imaging standard involves the injection of meta-deta inside the image that is specific to a single notification server. 
  • By design, certain settings are deemed to be "local" to the child server, not global settings and therefore do not replicate down the hierarchy.  Most of the Deployment Solution settings will replicate completely, but "Image Multicasting", "Predefined Computers" and "Sysprep Imaging Configuration" do not.

  • Deployment Tasks are also subject to the same time-delay as other task based functionality and don't replicate immediately.   It is recommended that you replicate first and ensure that the tasks have been replicated before you attempt to schedule and run a task.

  • Tasks may not function exactly as desired.  The main reason for this is that deployment tasks may be configured by the administrator to include explicit references to drive mappings or server names/IP addresses and when replicated may not behave as intended unless an administrator validates and if required updates the source data.

  • Copy File tasks may not replicate correctly.