Can DS 6.9 SP6 install on Windows 2003?


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With the release of Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6, Windows Server 2003 is no longer a supported platform for installing DS. However, Windows Server 2003 is still supported as an OS for PXE and/or SQL servers.

The reason for this change starts and ends with Microsoft WinPE 4.0. In DS 6.9 SP6, WinPE 4.0 is the supported Windows preboot OS. This change was made to provide support for newer hardware (hardware which no longer supported drivers for Vista or WinPE 2.1). Additionally, WinPE 4.0 is required in order to support UEFI, which replaces BIOS on new hardware. Unfortunately, Windows Server 2003 is not compatible with WinPE 4.0. This is an incompatibility between Windows ADK, the WimFltr and Windows Server 2003. For more information, please contact Microsoft.

Because this incompatibility is found between these Microsoft products, we are unable to offer support for Windows Server 2003 and Deployment Solution 6.9 SP6.