How to Configure the Top 10 Applications Consuming CPU ITA Report for Monitor Solution


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This document describes how to set up and enable the ITA report labeled Top 10 Applications Consuming CPU for Monitor Solution. This document assumes that both ITA and Monitor Solution have already been installed.  For more information on how to install IT Analytics
Reports for Monitor Solution please visit

Enable Data Collection:
There are 2 particular data collection methods that must be enabled through Altiris for the report to function. The first of which is located under Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Agents/Plug-ins > Windows > Configuration > All Windows Servers and then click on the Data Collection tab. Enable the record process values check box and click save changes. The next is located under Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Settings > Remote Monitoring Server Settings. Click on the Data Collection tab and again enable the record process values and click save changes. Please note that it may take several hours after process data collection is enabled before there is enough data in the database to run the report.
Process the Cubes:
Navigate to Settings > Notification Server > IT Analytics Settings > Processing.  Make sure the monitor cubes are checked and click Run Now at the top. After the cubes finish processing close the pop up window and the report should be ready to view.

View the Report:
Navigate to Reports > All Reports >  Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Top 10 Applications Consuming CPU.  Select a date and click View Report. Then select a machine and click View Report.  This will open the report for the machine selected.

Best Practices:
Under the Data Collection tabs under both the Remote Monitoring Server Settings and the All Windows Servers Configuration it is best that both the record process values are both set to the same value.  The default is 600 seconds, but this may be too frequent depending on the number of machines in an environment. For instance, if a particular environment contains 1000 machines that will be monitored and each machine on average has 50 running processes and that information is collected every 10 minutes. This would result in over 7 million table entries per day.  This can easily fill up a database and cause the report not to process. For environments with over 1000 machines it is recommended that the record process values field be set to once every 2 hours or 7,200 seconds.  The table used for storing this data is called monitorProcessData.

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