How to use LDAP filters in a Microsoft Active Directory Import


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)




LDAP queries can be leveraged to filter what the Microsoft Active Directory Import brings into the Altiris CMDB.

In the Altiris Console:

  1. Click Actions > Discover > Import Microsoft Active Directory.
  2. On the desired import rule, click the All computers, all users, ect.
  3. On the resulting window, there will be a section labeled "Advanced Import Constraints. Enter the LDAP query in this field. 
    Example: (&(objectcatagory=computer)(name=*Tom)

Please Note:Symantec support is unable to assist in writing the LDAP query, as this is customization.

Note:  Prior to 7.1 MP1 v7 there is a defect that will cause the LDAP search filter to not be applied to the import. Please contact Symantec Support if this point fix is required.