How to manually retrieve drivers from the Dell SMTD DVD


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How do I manually retrieve drivers from the Dell OpenManage Systems Management Tools and Documentation (SMTD) DVD for use with Deployment Solution for Dell Servers?

This information is specific to SMTD 5.5 and Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.1 SP1, but may apply to other versions.


  1. Extract drivers from the SMTD DVD:
    1. Using a command prompt (DOS box), go to the SMTD DVD.
    2. Change to the "server_assistant\driver_tool\bin" directory.
    3. Run "make_driver_dir.exe -h" to see the options for the Dell driver command line utility.

      Note: This utility is case sensitive!


    4. Run "make_driver_dir.exe -i <dvd_location> --info" to see the operating system identifiers and platform (server model) identifiers supported by the DVD. A driver list showing the Dell release IDs will be displayed after the "OS Descriptions" and "Platform support matrix".

    5. Run "make_driver_dir.exe -i <dvd_location> -d <extracted_driver_folder> -p <server_model> -o <operating_system> --extract" to extract the drivers from the DVD to a local folder.

    6. The drivers can now be imported into Deployment Solution for Dell Servers using the Configuration Utility.
  2. Retrieve drivers using the Configuration Utility:
    1. From the Deployment Console, go to Tools > Dell Tools > Configuration Utility.
    2. In the Configuration Utility, select the OS Deployment tab. In the Windows Drivers, Add drivers section, click Add.

    3. In the Add Drivers for OS Scripted Install dialog, in the Add a driver from another source section, select the appropriate operating system and driver type, then click Add from Other Source.

    4. Browse to the location where you extracted the drivers, and select the .inf file corresponding to the driver you wish to add. After you browse to the .inf file and click Open from the browse dialog, you are returned to the Add Drivers for OS Scripted Install dialog.  The driver you selected should have been added to the Deployment Solution for Dell Servers driver repository.

Currently there is no feedback mechanism to give more information in the UI on the addition of the driver. If you wish to verify that the driver was added successfully, check the Deployment Solution deployment share, in the "Dell\OSSup\drivers" folder, under the appropriate OS folder.  Drivers are placed in the folder structure according to the requirements of the OS and whether it is a plug-and-play driver or a mass-storage driver.