Should NSDiag (NSCheck) still be used for troubleshooting process?


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Should NSDiag (NSCheck) still be used for troubleshooting processes? Is the information collected useful for troubleshooting issues with Notification Server?


The Altiris Profiler Trace and Altiris Log Viewer are currently the de facto standard for Notification Server troubleshooting. NSDiag is no longer requested or used by our development teams. Therefore, NSDiag is no longer used for diagnostic purposes or used as a valid diagnostic tool.

The NSDiag (NSCheck) was originally created for Notification Server 5.x. It started as a VB script that created a text file that listed information on the Notification Server System. In Notification Server 6.x, modifications were made for ease of use and to provide more information and documentation on results.

The tool was designed for internal support purposes to help report basic information on the customers' systems. The decision was made to add NSDiag to the product to help support gather information in a timely manner, but was never intended or designed as a database check for consistency or integrity. NSDiag was not coded for end-user use, but rather as a tool for Customer Support.

Any "errors" found in NSDiag such as orphaned items are generally ignored as they usually refer to hooks in the program that don't exist as the solution might not be installed or in use.